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NetInf: ICN in the Network of Information, Dirk Kutscher, NEC Lab EU

Keynote Talk

The eXpressive Internet Architecture: From Architecture to Network, Peter Steenkiste, CMU


  • The final program of CFI 2012 is now available here(http://fif.kr/cfi/2012/program.htm). Please register earlier to receive a pre-registration discount.
  • The CFI 2012 is co-located with Global Future Internet Week (10-14 September, 2012). This will enable all CFI 2012 participants to enjoy the excellent programs inlcuding Global Future Internet Summit and Tutorials. Detailed program for GFI Week 2012 is currently being arranged. As we had enjoyed the exciting talks of global leaders in the field of Future Internet in the last year, we are trying our best to continue the wonderful experience for this year. Also, the in-cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM is now approved and accepted regular/ short papers are planned to be included into ACM Digital Library.


The International Conference on Future Internet Technologies 2012 (CFI 12) will be the seventh event in the series. Researchers from Asia, Europe, America and elsewhere gather in this high profile forum to discuss their work in progress and visions for long-term research activities. The goal of this event is to foster international research collaboration in the field of future Internet research, covering clean-slate Internet architecture concepts, new networking protocols and related global-scale/ programmable network testbeds.

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