* Incheon Int’l Airport -> EL Tower

 - General Map

 - KAL Limousine Bus

Bus Number 6009
Busstop Number 11B
Interval 20~30 Min.
Departure Point Incheon Airport
Arrival Point Yangjae
Fare 15,000 KRW (about $14)
Travel Time Approximately 100-120 minutes.
(Time may vary according to traffic conditions.)


- Taxi
 Taxi is comfortable and easy way to get to the venue. There will be a taxi stand between platforms 4D~8C on the Arrivals floor (1st floor) in the parking area. It takes approximately 80 to 90 minutes from the airport to EL tower depending on the traffic condition.


Basic Fee
Platform Number
International Taxi
- 4D
ㆍOnly for foreigners
ㆍInternational taxi costs about KRW 60,000 or more.


- Subway

You can get to the conference venue by taking a subway from the airport.
1. Please go to Incheon Int’l Airport (Subway) Station.
2. Transfer to Line 6 at Gongdeok Station
   (Line 6: Gongdeok Station -> Yaksu)
3. Transfer to Line 3 at Yaksu Station
   (Line 3: Yaksu Station -> Yangjae Station)
4. Please get off the train at Yangjae Station.
5. Come out on Exit No.9. It takes less than 3 minutes.

* Useful Site for public transportation:

* Airport -> IBIS Ambassador Seoul Gangnam 

- From Inchon International Airport
Take KAL Limousine Bus(#6704) in 3B Line at Incheon Int'l Airport 1F (Stop 4B or 11A)
and get off "IBIS Ambassador Seoul Gangnam Station".
- From Gimpo International Airport
Take Airport Bus(#6000) at Stop 6(Gate1,4,6) and get off "POSCO Sageori Station".
The hotel is located behind POSCO Building.