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         == WikiWikiWeb ==
         A WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information.
         To learn more about what a Wiki:WikiWikiWeb is, read about Wiki:WhyWikiWorks and the Wiki:WikiNature. Also, consult the Wiki:WikiWikiWebFaq and Wiki:OneMinuteWiki.
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         The special characters or character sequences used in a WikiWikiWeb to indicate the desired formatting. Like duplicate single-quote for ''emphasis''.
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         Wiki:WardCunnigham created the site and the WikiWikiWeb machinery that operates it. He chose wiki-wiki as an alliterative substitute for quick and thereby avoided naming this stuff quick-web. An early page, Wiki:WikiWikiHyperCard, traces wiki ideas back to a Wiki:HyperCard stack he wrote in the late 80's.
          * get some answers on the Wiki:WikiWikiWebFaq
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         '''A:''' A set of pages of information that are open and free for anyone to edit as they wish. The system creates cross-reference hyperlinks between pages automatically. See WikiWikiWeb for more info.
         See Wiki:WikiWikiWebFaq for more questions & answers.
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